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Apr 26, 2016 China's ancient bushes of Da Hong Pao produce one of the most expensive teas in the world, astonishingly costing more than 30 times its .The base material for this tea is the premium grade Da Hong Pao (Zheng Yan). During processing, some of leaves were crushed. The tea master sorted the .One of China's best-known oolongs, Da Hong Pao has a smooth texture with a rich aroma of roasted peanut shells and flavor notes of nectarine and molasses.Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe) is a Wuyi rock tea grown in the Wuyi Mountains. It is a heavily oxidized, dark oolong tea. It is the world's most expensive.Da Hong Pao,also called Big Red Robe, is a highly prized tea and a member of Si Da Ming Cong (the four famous Wuyi Oolong tea bushes).

dacă nu se poate pierde in greutate cu alimente crude

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